Geelong Indigenous Nursery grows only those native plants that occur in Geelong and environs.

Many species of Australian plants grow in different spots around Australia. A gum tree from Western Australia planted in a garden in Newtown is known as a native plant.

Growing only locally occurring plants is implied in the business’ name. John holds a permit to collect seed, cuttings and rhizomes from plants only in this region. These are indigenous plants. It is vital to John that each plant population is kept as a distinguishable group and so a great deal of care, miles of travelling and precise labelling of the collected material is undertaken to ensure that hybridising is kept only to natural forces.

Eucalyptus leucoxylon (Yellow Gum) is a very important example of this care. Within the Geelong region there are three identifiable subspecies populations of this tree: one population on the Bellarine Peninsula, one south of Geelong and one north of Geelong. Variations between these subspecies are different colours of bark and leaves, the height and the habit. It is important to keep these populations separate by planting the correct subspecies in the right area.

John can work with you to identify the correct variation of plants for your region.

For general information about some of the recommended plants for your area see the
City of Greater Geelong Environment pages.