Hygiene, appropriate propagating mix, and the best method of propagating is vital to produce healthy plants.


Geelong Indigenous Nursery propagates from seed, cuttings and divisions which has been researched over a number of years.


All equipment is kept sanitised, secauteurs are kept sharp and the propagating soil is kept away from potential weed contaminants.
The pots may be reused but they have been washed with an environmentally friendly antiseptic solution. This means our plants are strong and healthy and ready to grow.

Plants are usually available in a range of pot sizes: forestry tubes, 160mm pots, 200 mm pots, 45L pots and 100L pots.
  • For revegetation work, we suggest using plants in forestry tubes. This keeps the cost down and has a good sized plant. We pride ourselves on providing plants at peak condition. This means that the root system will be well developed and the above soil plant will be healthy.
  • For home gardens, any of our plants will do the job. You might like to include some more advanced plants with tube stock. We offer advice about what will be the most cost effective options. Check out what’s available in larger sizes.
  • Businesses, organisations, parks and schools are welcome to place an order and we will grow to size. It may be a long term project over a number of years or a specific job. John is always happy to discuss your needs and provide assistance.