As a very general indication, vegetation may collected from Little River across to Anakie in the north, as far west as Bannockburn including the Barwon and Moorabool Valleys, south to Mt Duneed and east to Point Henry and the Moolap Plains. The types of vegetation and locations are limited by our DEPI permit which is reassessed and issued with the specific guidelines. We can show it to you on request.

Soil types in this collection area vary from zones of basalt flows, granitic sands, limestone and sandy loam areas. There are areas of highly fertile soils, poorly drained stony hills, plains and rises and pockets of high salinity. The diversity of the collection includes trees, bushes, grasses and herbs.

John’s experience in revegetation can be called upon for on site advice regarding appropriate species. The Geelong Indigenous Nursery team can also help draw up planting plans using appropriate spacing and the best mix of plants.

Contact John for an appointment to visit your site or consultation at the Nursery.